Facebook success formula: Post content, engage customers, get business. Rinse. Repeat.

What you need

At the very least you should have a Facebook page for your business. Each business needs a profile picture and a cover photo. From your page you can post content, list your hours, phone number, address, bio, a link to your website.

What else can we do?

Once your page is set up, we can run ads targeting a very specific audience. We can help you stay engaged with your customers on a day to day basis by posting content regularly. We can also help you run promotions and increase website leads.


Instagram gives businesses the ability to interact directly with customers in real time.

The Basics

As of January 2016, the estimated number of daily Instagram users in the USA was 77.6 million.  Instagram provides a way to stay in touch with your target audience on a daily basis, for free.

What we can do

We can help you automate your social media content creation & postings and gain real followers from your target audience. User feeds and hashtag feeds can also be incorporated with your small business website as a way to easily keep site content fresh.


We believe in using all Google products to help enhance our clients SEO, a Google Business page is essential.

Get Reviews

We will help you claim and customize your Google Business page. Each business can select a primary industry category, as well as post hours, a phone number, photos and updates.  We will provide a link for you to send around to your happy customers to review your work.

What else can we do?

We even have a Certified Google Photographer in house to capture a virtual tour of your business and publish it to Google Maps. So, we can literally put your business on the map.


Stay in touch with your customers on a day to day basis and increase brand awareness.

Get extra website traffic

You can use twitter to “Extend your reach by seamlessly bringing users to your website via Tweets” -twitter. Twitter is also a great (free) way to gain relevant followers. (67 million daily users in the US)

What can we do

We can also automate your twitter presence and gain new potential customers based on their location and hashtags. We can also embed your tweets on your website to keep your site content fresh.


YouTube is the second largest search engine. You need to have video content or you are missing out.

2nd largest Search Engine

Believe it or not, YouTube is the 2nd largest Search Engine. Having multiple keyword rich videos on YouTube promoting your brand and linking back to your website is a great tool to help new customers find and engage your company.

What we can do

We specialize in short 10-15 second promo videos that highlight a specific brand and service. In addition to appearing on YouTube, the videos will appear in Google search results and can be shared on your other social media pages.

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